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            M Series

            M Series

            Key Characteristics vs other rotary electric vibrators: Small, light, and high RPM. Best for flow and compaction of finer materials and powders, or screens.

            General Characteristics: Rugged, energy efficient, low noise, and low maintenance.

            Energy Source: Electric.

            Force Output: Radial.

            Force Output Range: 11 to 143 lbs.

            Usage Recommendation: Intermittent operations at 100% force when considering energy usage and life.

            Description: Light impact vibrator for targeted applications where size and force need to be limited. Force output is adjustable.

            Product Applications: Feeding, screening, and compacting in the food, chemical and pharmacy industries.

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            Model Price    
            Part #: 600476$
            Max Force: 143
            Manufacturer: Italvibras
            $407.00 Quantity: 
            Part #: 600450A
            Max Force: 143
            Manufacturer: Italvibras
            $309.00 Quantity: 
            Part #: 600448$
            Max Force: 13
            Manufacturer: Italvibras
            $228.00 Quantity: 
            Part #: 600475$
            Max Force: 64
            Manufacturer: Italvibras
            $399.00 Quantity: 
            Part #: 600449H
            Max Force: 64
            Manufacturer: Italvibras
            $234.00 Quantity: 

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