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Chicago Vibrator Products is a distribution and consulting company that has been helping customers solve their flow or compaction issues since 1956 with the best vibration technology available.

Our customers comprise the entire spectrum of the dry bulk and powder industry. From agriculture, construction, chemical, food, industrial manufacturing, and public works (to name only a few) we pride ourselves on finding the right products at the right time to help our customers optimize their operations. We are proud to have a portfolio of clients throughout the U.S. and Canada that run small businesses, large manufacturing corporations, or OEMs, and we serve them all with the same dedication.

Core to our success is bridging the gap between our manufacturing partners and our customers. We take the time to learn about their business and their issues while communicating with our partners to understand the capabilities of their products. This translates into a comprehensive solution that fits the product demands of our customers.

Over the 65-year history of Chicago Vibrator Products the customer focus has never changed, but the territory and the business model have adjusted in order to stay competitive and grow the business. Originally, the owners operated out of Western Springs and then Westmont, both close suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Last year, the business moved its headquarters to Itasca, Illinois where we hope to operate for at least another 65 more years.


John Larsen

Owner & President

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