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                                Portable Vacuum Attaching

                                Portable Vacuum Attaching

                                Description: Vacuum attaching vibrators make sense when it is prohibited, impractical or too time consuming to weld on a vibrator bracket. Applications include unloading railroad hopper cars, trucks, tote bins, cardboard boxes, drums and FIBCs.

                                Do you need to compact material in a drum or cardboard container? You may not need a vibratory table at 4 to 6 times the cost. Attach the vibrator right to the side of the drum.

                                Sizes: Three size vacuum bases are available. Each base is drilled to accept various vibrator models and sizes. See VFP, VFPLF, VLB and VGT series for specifications on vibrators used with vacuum attaching bases.

                                • The VTC-15 is for easy to unload materials
                                • VTC-20D is more standard for unloading material from truck hoppers (also for soybean meal, distillers grain, corn gluten). Please call us for assistance. FP-95M uses lubricator; FPLF-95M for non lubriated use. Lubricated option offers longer life of vibrator.

                                Characteristics: Portable, light weight, air powered (common air supply feeds both vibrator and vacuum venturi system), mounts to flat and curved surfaces

                                Use our FLOPRO© VIBRATOR SELECTOR for instant online recomendations based on your hopper dimensions and product type.  


                                * Click on the model number below to view accessories specific to that model *

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                                Part #: VTC-XX4
                                Manufacturer: Houston
                                $2053.00 Quantity: 
                                Part #: 845-20D
                                Manufacturer: Houston
                                $2936.00 Quantity: 
                                Part #: 847-20D
                                Manufacturer: Houston
                                $3353.00 Quantity: 

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