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                  Model: VRHB-040


                  Part Number: 16-17417

                  Manufacturer: Vibratek

                  Extra Heavy-Duty Roller Vibrator - Portable vibrators ideal for applications which respond well to high frequency, adjustable rotary vibration. In applications such as placing refractory and other lining materials, concrete, or similar materials, the VRHB vibrator shortens pouring time, speeds consolidation and increases compaction; also aids material flow through hoppers, bins, railcars, chutes, and screens; lug bracket mounting.
                  Price: $386.00
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                  Product Attributes

                  Type Roller
                  Energy Source Pneumatic
                  Number of Bolts 2
                  RPM 15800
                  Max Force 3000
                  CFM 64
                  PSI 80
                  NPT M30
                  Lubrication Needed Yes
                  Quiet No
                  Energy Efficient No
                  Clean Environment No
                  Hopper No
                  Railcar Hopper No
                  Truck No
                  Concrete Yes

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