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                Model: C3-2.0-4AC


                Part Number: 534020

                Manufacturer: Global


                Rotary Pneumatic Vibrator - Design Series

                2 Bolt Permanent Mount

                Rugged and powerful. Attached air powered motor utilizes a unique drive coupling to extend product life. Sealed and greased bearings. Durable bi-rotational motor, can be stalled or overloaded without damage.

                Easy repair and maintenance. Click on Specifications for more details.

                Weight (lbs) = 43

                Max Force (lbs) 1720;

                Price: $1199.00
                Quantity:  Buy Compare

                Product Attributes

                Type Rotary
                Energy Source Pneumatic
                Bolt Hole Dimensions 8"
                Hole Diameter .78"
                Number of Bolts 2
                RPM 5500
                Max Force 1720
                CFM 73
                PSI 80
                NPT 1/2"
                Lubrication Needed Yes
                Quiet No
                Energy Efficient No
                Clean Environment No
                Hopper No
                Railcar Hopper No
                Truck No
                Concrete No

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