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                                                      PD-200 Post Driver & Accessories

                                                      Summary: Extremely powerful post driver, built for driving any shape up to 12" into the ground.  The choice for large beams, tubing (round square or rectangular), wood posts, and stakes.  5-1/2" or 7" master chuck.

                                                      Energy Source: Air Powered/Pneumatic, requires 72 CFM @ 100 psi. ¾” NPT female threaded ports.

                                                      Weight: 170 lbs (post driver only).

                                                      Description: The most powerful post driver available from Rhino, built to drive large 12" objects into the ground.  Requires the aid of a lifting device. Air inlet, housing, and handle are cast into iron housing built for wear resistance.  Alternative chucks for smaller pipes are easily attached with bolts.  Piston is an alloy steel with hard chrome plating.  Requires lubrication in the air supply line. 

                                                      Product Applications: Large beams, tubing (round, square, or rectangular), stakes and wood posts up to 12" in diameter, in addtion to 4”x4” Wood Posts, and 4”x6” H Column Guardrail Posts. 

                                                      Recommended Post Driver and Accessories to Get Started:

                                                      • Pick the PD-200 Post Driver with either the 5-1/2" (Inside Diameter) Master Chuck or the 7" (Inside Diameter) Master Chuck.
                                                      • Throttle Valve Kit (Part# 600000) to turn post driver on/off.
                                                      • Filter Regulator Lubricator with attached Carrier for protection (part# 225005).
                                                      • Pick a chuck adapter if you work with smaller pipes.

                                                      PD-200 Post Driver with optional chucks.

                                                      * Click on the model number below to view accessories specific to that model *

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