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              Railcar Vibrators

              Select the right type, size, and quantity of railcar vibrator to maximize productivity.

              The RIGHT type:

              • Choose linear impacting railcar piston vibrators for coarse sticky materials such as soybean meal, dried distillers grain, sugar and salt.
              • Choose dual roller railcar rotary vibrators for fine or dry materials such as flour, cement, lime and fertilizer.
              • Choose motor driven railcar vibrators with large amplitudes for open hopper cars with coarse, lumpy materials such as coal and limestone.


              The RIGHT size:

              Each type of railcar vibrator is available in multiple sizes to handle materials with moderately difficult to extremely difficult flow characteristics. Ask us for a Recommendation.

              • Impacting piston vibrators are available in three sizes: 3", 3 1/2" and 3 1/2" long stroke models
              • Dual roller rotary vibrators are available in three sizes with force outputs up to 12,000 pounds
              • Motor driven vibrators are available in 7 sizes with force outputs up to 26,800 pounds


              The RIGHT quantity:

              Two vibrators on each railcar hopper speed unloading by applying more energy and distributing it more evenly through out the hopper car. Two vibrators are especially important when emptying the last 10% to 15% of the car.

              * Click on the model number below to view accessories specific to that model *

              Category Sort Order
              Model Price    
              Part #: 12-88888
              Manufacturer: Vibratek
              $1720.00 Quantity: 
              Part #: 180-000
              Manufacturer: Houston
              $1383.00 Quantity: 
              Part #: 514025
              Max Force: 2538
              Manufacturer: Global
              $799.00 Quantity: 
              Part #: 514040
              Max Force: 4084
              Manufacturer: Global
              $829.00 Quantity: 
              Part #: 514055
              Max Force: 5487
              Manufacturer: Global
              $859.00 Quantity: 
              Part #: 701020
              Manufacturer: Global
              $899.00 Quantity: 

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