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                                                    Is currently out of stock, however if you enter your email address we will notify you when it comes back into stock!

                                                    Model: GO-A8-PW Pneumatic Rail Car Gate Opener

                                                    GO-A8-PW Pneumatic Rail Car Gate Opener

                                                    Part Number: GO-A8-PW

                                                    Manufacturer: Workmaster


                                                    Generates 13000 ft-lbs of torque output at 90 p.s.i. A wheeled cart, air powered hopper car gate opener with pneumatic control and pivot wheel advantages for traveling capstans. Impact driven, self regulating with no torque reaction. Ergonomically positioned controls to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue Precision machined capstan drive fitting Height adjustable forks Self regulating, no reaction torque to open even the most jammed gates Precise weight distribution to provide excellent balance and control to maximize safety Air powered pin lock pivot wheels that rotate smoothly into position Auto lubricated to reduce maintenance Heavy duty pivot/steering mechanisms with steel guard protection and easy to access grease fittings to provide easy routine maintenance* Traveling gate mechanisms only

                                                    Price: $16158.00
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