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Enhancing Salt Truck Spreaders with Industrial Vibrators

Enhancing Salt Truck Spreaders with Industrial Vibrators

Winter road maintenance is a critical task that ensures safety and passability. Salt truck spreaders are at the forefront of this operation, but they often face challenges such as salt clumping and sticking. Industrial vibrators have emerged as a solution to these issues, with companies like Chicago Vibrator Products, Martin Engineering, and Cougar offering innovative products.


The Challenge: Salt Clumping and Sticking

Salt, when exposed to moisture, tends to clump and stick to the walls of the hopper in a salt truck spreader. This can interrupt the flow of salt to the spreader, leading to inefficient spreading and potentially hazardous road conditions.


The Solution: Industrial Vibrators

Industrial vibrators are designed to tackle this problem. They are installed on salt hoppers on the back of snow plow trucks. The vibrators shake the hopper wall, breaking free the clumping and sticking salt. This ensures a steady flow of salt to the spreader, preventing any material hang-ups. 


Chicago Vibrator Products

Chicago Vibrator Products offers a range of industrial vibrators suitable for this application. Our products are built with heavy-duty construction and powered by 12-volt power. They are water-tight and dust-tight, making them suitable for harsh winter conditions. Moreover, they are designed for easy installation and come at a low cost. You can purchase our products here.


Martin Engineering and Cougar Truck Vibrators

Martin Engineering’s industrial vibrators use reliable and economical electric power to improve flow, feed, separate or compact. They manufacture a variety of durable, energy-efficient rotary electric vibrators that are ideal for numerous applications.

Cougar Truck Vibrators, a product of Martin Engineering, provide power to improve the speed and efficiency of unloading dump trucks and other mobile equipment. They offer up to 3200 pounds of vibratory force to improve the unloading of wet, sticky, fibrous or even frozen material. Small, lightweight units require minimal space. Weather-proof aluminum housing provides a high output to weight ratio.



Industrial vibrators have proven to be a valuable tool in aiding salt truck spreaders. By ensuring a steady flow of salt and reducing the need for manual intervention, they not only increase the efficiency of salt spreading but also contribute to safer winter roads. Chicago Vibrator Products, and Martin Engineering are leading the way in providing these essential tools.


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