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Below are the different types of Cougar industrial vibrators that we offer. Click on a series to begin shopping!

Truck Vibrators

Truck vibrator are practical solutions to material hang ups in dump truck beds or bridging in spreader trucks. The driver operates the vibrator with a push button inside the cab. Truck vibrators are available in 12 Volt DC, 24 Volt DC, hydraulic, and pneumatic power sources. Sealed against dust and moisture, these vibrators provide long life even in adverse conditions.

Truck vibrators improve safety by helping to keep the driver in the cab and off the truck. Truck vibrators improve productivity by reducing the time for manual clean out or by increasing the load of each trip if the bed is not cleaned out each time.

12 Volt DC Truck Vibrators

Rotary Air Vibrators

Rotary Electric Vibrators

High Frequency Electric Vibrators

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